Sunday, May 20, 2012

Microsoft's shifting priorities: It's about time

I’m taking a couple weeks off before the busiest part of Microsoft’s 2012 kicks into full gear. But never fear: The Microsoft watching will go on while I’m gone. I’ve asked a few illustrious members of the worldwide Microsoft community to share their insights via guest posts on a variety of topics — from Windows Phone, to Hyper-V. Today’s entry is all about Microsoft’s increasing consumer focus and is authored by Mike Brown.

For a while I couldn’t put my finger on it, but I could tell something different was happening in Redmond.

It started with Windows Phone 7. The mobile team, which was normally very accessible and open, had gone dark. Anyone paying attention knew something big was happening, but just what was it? Granted there were some leaks that gave hints as to how the next mobile platform would work. But there was very little voluntary information coming from Microsoft until they were ready.

The level of secrecy around Windows Phone 7 was like an open book compared to the tight wraps Microsoft has placed on Windows 8. Again, there were inevitable leaks, but the Windows team, the Visual Studio team, everyone remotely involved with Windows 8 again has had tight lips — even to the point that the Build conference did not even have a public agenda before the opening keynote.

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