Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Microsoft finally goes public with Windows Azure Active Directory details

Microsoft finally is starting to share publicly its high-level cloud-centric identity management plans, as my ZDNet blogging colleague John Fontana noted last week. That means the semi-mysterious Windows Azure Active Directory (WAAD) service is finally fair game for discussion.

I blogged about WAAD — Microsoft’s cloud version of its Active Directory directory service — earlier this year. Although Microsoft had a public-facing page about WAAD on its Azure site (which it subsequently removed), officials declined to comment on the technology when I asked in February. And members of the Microsoft cloud community said they were not at liberty to share specifics because of non-disclosure agreements.

But Microsoft has decided now’s the time to talk WAAD, possibly as one stage setter for its June 7 announcement of new Windows Azure features and functionality. TechEd North America, which kicks off on June 11, also will be a venue for more WAAD information, as I noted in February. (After I blogged about the WAAD sessions on the TechEd docket, Microsoft pulled the listings from their TechEd site, but I still believe there will be more information on the topic there.)

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