Saturday, September 10, 2011

HP Unveils Consumer-Priced 3D Scanner

HP Computer division is on spin... but look they have now. 3D Scanner!

"It isn't a holographic projector, but it might bring small businesses one step closer to the Star Trek version of the future.

"Say what you will about Hewlett-Packard's consistently terrible corporate management and laughable failures in tablets and smartphones, HP still knows a thing or two about amazing peripherals. Witness the just-announced HP TopShot LaserJet Pro M275, an impressive web-connected printer/scanner that can scan 3D objects and still comes in at a reasonable $399.99. Of course this doesn't mean the kind of 3D for which you probably spent way too much money on a 3DS. The function is intended to streamline the process of photographing objects and getting the images online, for people who make their living from boutique sites or on eBay."

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