Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Windows Phone's many problems: Should Microsoft give up?

Microsoft was resting much of its efforts in Windows Phone on the Nokia Lumia 900, and Nokia’s stake in the project was vital to its future smartphone building success.

Described by one colleague as the “only good phone” to come out of the Microsoft–Nokia joint venture, its flagship phone was hit with a critical bug, the Windows Phone marketshare is slipping, and the Windows brand itself is waning in the wake of Apple’s success.

Fortune described the Lumia 900 as a “sexy, award-winning smartphone is going on sale Sunday at half the price of the iPhone, and it’s launching on a blazing fast 4G network.”

“What’s the catch?” they asked. “Two things: The phone, called the Lumia 900, is made by Nokia — and it’s running Microsoft’s Windows Phone software.”

But since its launch, it has already suffered a data cut-off bug which will put off a vast percent of the consumer market, and business customers especially, where data is the lifeblood of mission-critical operations. It’s struggling with poor market share and hampered by an image problem in the wake of attention towards iOS and Android rivals.

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