Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Intel to Bundle Liquid Cooler with Sandy Bridge-E CPUs

Intel has confirmed that they will be bundling a sealed liquid cooling system with its next-generation Core i7-3000 series (Sandy Bridge-E) CPUs.

Intel has teamed with Asetek to provide an Intel-branded sealed liquid cooler for their CPUs. Intel becomes the first major CPU manufacturer to offer this as a base thermal cooling solution over the standard air cooler. In addition, it shows Intel's commitment to provided users with new, improved options, along with offering options designed with the overclocking community in mind.

The cooler will be sold as a bundle option with their Sandy Bridge-E series CPUs. Users will be able to purchase the Sandy Bridge-E processors with or without the bundled cooler. This allows the end-user to determine what thermal cooling solution they want to utilize with their new CPUs, without having to deal with the "basic Intel heat-sink" utilized through the years. This does mean that the end-user will need to make sure they either go with the bundled option or have a 3rd-Party cooling option chosen for their new processor. 

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